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About MCCC

The Mission Child Care Consortium, Inc. was established in 1971 to provide a network of comprehensive daycare services to residents of the Mission District in San Francisco and to provide an educational pre-school program that will prepare the children for formal schooling once they complete Preschool Education from the Mission Child Care Consortium’s program and move on to Kindergarten. 

Mission Child Care Consortium, Inc. seeks to provide educational experiences that support children and families who are in the process of English language acquisition, in addition to language development in their home language(s).


Our Goals

To provide high quality care to children educational environments, which promote optimal development in the areas of: community, cultural and linguistic diversity, creativity, literacy, numeracy and science.

To provide high quality care and education for low-income families who are working towards economic sustainability through work, school, or on the job training programs.

To provide high quality work and education experiences for staff that are interested in understanding and facilitating developmentally appropriate practices in early childhood education.